You don’t need to be a VIP for first class tips…
While we’re building a better airport, consider these tips on how to best get in, out and around LAX more efficiently.

Traveling To LAX

Relax and let someone else drive.

Hop on a FlyAway® Bus

Regularly scheduled buses provide affordable, convenient and round-trip transportation between LAX and four L.A.-area locations seven days a week!
Hop on at:

Union Station (Downtown Los Angeles)
Van Nuys (San Fernando Valley)
Westwood (West Los Angeles/UCLA)
Santa Monica (1875 Main St., just north of Pico Blvd.)
Hollywood (6244 Hollywood Blvd. at Argyle)
Go Green!

Take the METRO Green Line to the Aviation/LAX Station. Then hop on the free LAX Shuttle “G” to LAX. Shuttle “G” can also take you back to the METRO Aviation/LAX Station on your return.

Don’t Forget About Hotel Shuttles

If you’re staying at an airport-area hotel, hotel shuttles are the best way to get to and from LAX quickly and efficiently

Mix It Up

There are more routes to LAX than the usual Century and Sepulveda boulevards. Try one of our alternative “Insider Traffic Shortcuts” found below under Shortcut Maps to get into LAX.

Getting Around LAX

Terminal 1 on the Upper/Departures Level is getting a major facelift! But construction is right at the airport entrance and can cause traffic back-ups leading into LAX.

Steer Clear!

Part of Terminal 1’s Upper/ Departures Level passenger drop-off lane is closed for construction, so avoid the curbside lane unless dropping off at Terminal 1 (Southwest).

Keep Movin’

If dropping off passengers at Terminal 1, drive to the farthest end of the drop-off lane (just before the construction barrier) where it’s often less crowded.

Flip Your Thinking

During busy departure times (daily 5-9 a.m.), drop off passengers on the Lower/Arrivals Level. They can take an escalator or elevator up to departures. Do the opposite for busy arrival times (Sun. nights are busiest).

Time Your Travel

Typically, the slowest times at LAX are between 9-11 a.m. and 2-7 p.m. When possible, book flights or plan arrivals during slow times. Or come a little early to dine and shop. A valid boarding pass gets you into any terminal! Tues. and Wed. are the lightest travel days at LAX

See You in Lot C

Consider parking in or dropping off passengers at Lot C on West 96th St. and Sepulveda Blvd. The free LAX Shuttle “C” goes frequently to LAX and stops at every terminal.

Call Me Anytime

Picking up a passenger? You can wait up to two hours for free in the LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot next to Lot C. Wait there for your passengers to call for pick up, or have them take LAX Shuttle “C” to you!

Once Inside LAX

Use these helpful tips to get you to your terminal.

Yes, People Do Walk In L.A.

During construction, some elevators, escalators and walkways may close temporarily. Check out the LAX is Happening walking map – updated weekly – to get you to your terminal.

Know Before You Go

Check out our lane restrictions map on for upto-date info on vehicle lane and pedestrian walkway closures before heading to LAX.

Parking Smarts

Our parking structures are getting makeovers too! Elevators and stairways are currently being upgraded in Structures 3 & 4. Consider parking in Structures 1, 2, 5, 6 or 7 and using walkways and our walking map to get around. It also has tips on navigating Structures 3 & 4.

The Anywhere “A” Shuttle

This free shuttle continuously loops the airport to pick up and drop off at all terminals.

*Temporary and short-term construction closures can sometimes impact these shortcuts

Getting Out of LAX

Skip the full airport loop! Try these shortcuts to exit LAX.*

East Way Shortcut

If dropping off passengers at Terminals 6 or 7, as you enter the airport, stay in the far left lane and make a left turn across from Terminal 1 where signs point to United/ United Express Terminal 7. On the Lower/ Arrivals Level, the shortcut leads directly to Terminals 5, 6 & 7. On the Upper/ Departures Level, the shortcut leads to Terminals 6 & 7. Both let you exit the airport.

West Way Shortcut

On the Upper/Departures Level, make a left turn just past Terminal 2 at signs directing you to P2, P5 and P6/Airport Exit. The shortcut leads to Terminal 5. Turn left to exit the airport. Or, make a left turn past Terminal 2 and then a fast right at the sign, “To Arrivals,” which puts you across from the Tom Bradley International Terminal on the Lower/Arrivals Level. Go left to reach Terminals 4, 5, 6 & 7, or exit the airport.

Center Way Shortcut

Dropping folks off at Terminals 1, 2 or 3 on Lower/Arrivals Level? Stay left and look for Center Way across from the Tom Bradley International Terminal. At the blue sign for “Upper Level, Ticketing,” go up the ramp, make a right and then a left to exit the airport.