The baggage fees often exceed the ticket price, and this should be made clear during ticket sales; otherwise, it’s fraudulent behavior that will lose customers and eventually lead to bankruptcy.

All airlines, regardless of whether they are budget airlines or not, have baggage restrictions indicated when selling tickets. Of course, whether to read them or not is up to the passenger.

Ultimately, the airline has the final say. For example, some tickets do not include checked baggage fees, even for one kilogram! So what should passengers do with their large items? They’ll have to pay the baggage fee eventually. This is how budget airlines make a profit: by making up for the low ticket prices in other areas, such as meals, seating, checked baggage, cabin layout, ticket refund services, and more. Passengers should be aware of the restrictions before purchasing tickets to avoid unpleasant surprises during their travels.

I remember one year when I went to Guangzhou, checked baggage was free at the time, starting from Qingyang Airport. Then, when I transferred in Yinchuan, I had a box of apples weighing about 5 kilograms with me, and I wasn’t charged any fees. However, when I went through check-in in Yinchuan, I had to pay a checked baggage fee of 137 yuan, and I had no choice but to leave the apples at the airport.

I also encountered a similar problem when I took Tianjin Airlines last time. If the ticket was cheaper than others, that would be fine, but the problem was that it wasn’t cheaper, and they still charged for checked baggage…sigh! After boarding the plane, they even sold things on the plane. I just don’t understand.

They are just selling things separately to allow people who need it to have a cheaper option. For example, if you only have a backpack, you can completely buy a budget airline ticket, which is more cost-effective. But if you have a lot of luggage, you can just buy a regular airline ticket with checked baggage allowance, which won’t be much more expensive.

According to the airline’s argument, should a person’s weight also have a standard? According to the usual standard of 70 kilograms, should overweight people also pay for overweight baggage fees? Who goes out without carrying a bag or suitcase? The standard is around 15-20 kilograms. If it exceeds the limit, a certain fee can be charged, but this is obviously deceiving passengers! There is no such thing as not buying checked baggage, which makes passengers confused and is a way to deceive them.

It’s one’s own responsibility, don’t blame the airline. Before purchasing a ticket, passengers should understand the baggage rules. Each airline, including different passenger levels, has different baggage allowances. Don’t just consider the ticket price and neglect the other aspects; the consequences will be borne by the passengers themselves.