Giving passengers a fast and reliable way to get to their flights

The Landside Access Modernization Project (LAMP) includes an Automated People Mover, Intermodal Transportation Facilities, a Consolidated Rent-A-Car Center, improvements to the Central Terminal Area and a connection to Metro. Together, these projects will transform LAX into a world-class airport, relieve traffic congestion and improve your travel experience.

LAX is undergoing a $14 billion modernization program. Its proposed Landside Access Modernization Program would help improve the LAX passenger experience, relieve traffic congestion and make LAX a world-class airport.

Key elements of LAMP include:
Improve connectivity and mobility for passengers and employees.
Improve access options by creating new convenient locations for passenger pick-up, drop-off, and parking outside of the Central Terminal Area.
Provide easier and more efficient access to rental cars.
Relieve congestion in the Central Terminal Area and on the surrounding streets.
Provide a direct connection to public transit with future Automated People Mover station.