The engine is purchased from others, and a contract is required to buy it. If they don’t sell it, you can’t do anything about it. When the C919 was first produced, there were not enough engines available, and production capacity could not keep up. We need to speak scientifically; the scientists who produce airplanes are much more knowledgeable than us readers, and the information we have is only partial and fragmented, unlike the vast array of information that those experts have.

Aside from issues such as airworthiness certificates or diplomatic bargaining chips, the production capacity of the C919 is a problem. In the short term, the production capacity of the C919 cannot meet the needs of the domestic market. This type of aircraft cannot be produced in large quantities overnight.

The C919 is a rookie aircraft without the experience of COMAC. Its stability, reliability, and safety are all unknown at present. How could it carry out the main tasks? After a reverse thrust failure, Eastern Airlines also postponed its commercial flights.

The C919 does not have a US airworthiness certificate, but this is not a big issue. First, it can fly domestically in China, which has a large enough market. Second, it can fly to Russia and Central Asia. Third, it can be used to send Chinese tourists to Singapore, Bali in Indonesia, and Bangkok in Thailand. Southeast Asian countries will not refuse. Fourth, Pakistan is China’s friend, and the Maldives receives many Chinese tourists every year. Fifth, China purchases a large amount of oil from Middle Eastern countries, so flying to the Middle East is not a problem. Sixth, many African countries are China’s trading partners. Flying to Africa is not a problem. Seventh, Brazil is China’s trading partner. China purchases a large amount of iron ore and products from Brazil. It can fly to Brazil without any problems. In the first decade, the C919 can only meet the needs of the domestic market and complete 1,000 orders. After ten years, when the technology is more mature, it can be exported.

The large aircraft has just begun to take off and has already taken a big order. The current product cannot keep up with the demand. If the product can keep up with the demand in the future, it will be a big problem for Chinese people to buy foreign airplanes.

No matter how difficult the road ahead is, we must persevere and cannot give up halfway like we did with the Y-10.

We only need to wisely say, “Let’s see who will have the last laugh,” and correctly face the laughter of the United States, Europe, and Japan. Don’t get stuck. We know too little about the real situation, and ultimately, we lack wisdom.