Flight Tower at LAX overseeing the renovations listed in the fact sheet.

Fact Sheets

LAX Modernization at a Glance.
Our comprehensive fact sheets describe the ongoing and completed capital improvement projects at Los Angeles International Airport. We also have category-specific information for beauty, dining and business travel.
Major projects currently under construction.
A lot is happening at LAX! Check out our fact sheets for information about key projects under construction or recently completed. For a list of completed modernization projects and fact sheets please visit here.
  • Terminal 1 Renovation

  • Terminal 2 Improvement Program

  • Terminal 4 Connector

  • The New Tom Bradley International Terminal

  • Terminal 5 Renovation

  • Terminals 7 & 8 Renovation

  • LAX Curbside Appeal Project

  • Elevator, Escalator, and Moving Walkway Modernization

  • In-line Baggage Handling and Screening System Program

  • ADA Improvements

  • Midfield Satellite Concourse

  • Runway Construction

Tips & Shortcuts.
Our tips and shortcuts help travelers find alternate ways in, around and out of LAX. Review our latest offerings in our Tips & Shortcuts section or download a PDF of the top tips.
For Modernization inquiries contact LAX Media and Public Relations at (424) 646-5260.